Welcome To Hank & Winter Associates, LLC

Hank Winter and Associates, LLC (HWALLC) is an electronic E-waste recycling corporation located in Tucson, Arizona. We pride ourselves in and strive for reuse of used electronics as opposed to dismantling.

HWALLC is professional, reliable and courteous. We work with our clients to customize a recycling program that suits your needs. We establish the best routes for recovery and recycling for a wide range of business and consumer electronics products. Our processes are designed to utilize resources of computer and electronic equipment through direct refurbishment, reuse or recycling. We provide customized lifecycle solutions and we do so with rigorous security processes and ecologically friendly responsible practices.

We are an E-Waste collection facility for your used electronics. E-waste items can include computers, laptops, LCD monitors, printers, network gear, servers and more. We do not accept Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) monitors, microwaves nor metal commodities. We can provide secure hard drive shredding through one of our sub-contractors or data wiping.
We have the experience necessary to handle your products. We are compliant and follow all rules related to proper electronics recycling. We offer pickup services to businesses, schools, hospitals and government agencies. We support and travel to all Southern Arizona. These pickup services are by appointment and based on the amount of product. Drop-offs are also welcomed.

Mission Statement:

We strive for a cost effective and an environmentally friendly E-waste management service.

Hank Winter and Associates is committed to:

  • Professional and reliable service
  • Data security
  • Reuse compare to disposal